On stage, LIVE at the theater Friday March 5th & Saturday March 6th see Reel Rhythm 

and an exciting evening of dance! This amazing couple works and
dances together in a celebration of Irish and Tap dancing that you won’t forget.

Friday, March 5th  7:30

Saturday, March 6th 7:30 pm

A World Champion Irish Dancer and a Professional Tap Dancer combine their talent and love for rhythm in an evening of Tap and Irish Dance. While keeping the traditions of Irish Dance, and the swing of Tap Dance, ReelRhythm adds their own unique signature to these beloved styles. The artistic differences within the two styles sparked the conversation about how to merge the art forms into one cohesive show. Both Irish and Tap dance, regardless of their differences, have an extremely raw and exciting energy that everyone can connect to. ReelRhythm is a two person production. * Not only does the show highlight the relationship between dance forms but also the relationship between the artists themselves. ReelRhythm invites the audience to have an inside look into their creative process and into their lives as professional dancers. They both have a very unique story to tell, and are eager to share it with the world!

Tickets are $25.00.  You can purchase online or through the Box Office 302-475-2313       


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