Accepting¬†submissions for Ain’t Misbehavin’

The Candlelight Theatre is now accepting video submissions for Ain’t Misbehavin’ a sassy, sultry celebration of the music of Fats Waller who rose to fame during the Golden Age of Jazz. Seeking 5 strong actors/singers. If interested, please submit a video of a song in the style of the show.¬† Please indicate whether you consider yourself a mover, strong mover or dancer. Also, include if you would be available for a possible in-person callback, by appointment only, on Saturday June 5th at the Rock School in Philadelphia between 3pm and 7pm.
Send submissions to:

Director/Choreographer: Devon Sinclair

Musical Director: Joshua Sommerville

Performance Dates: 7/31, 8/1, 8/4 (wed. Mat.), 8/6, 8/7, 8/8, 8/11 (Wed. Mat.), 8/13, 8/14 (Sat. Mat.), 8/14 (Sat. Eve.), 8/15, 8/18 (Wed. Mat.), 8/20, 8/21, 8/22, 8/26 (Thur.), 8/27, 8/28 (Sat. Mat.), 8/28 (Sat. Eve.), 8/29 (Closing).

Rehearsals will start approximately June 14th and run through July 30. Rehearsals are generally Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

* All safety protocols are in effect. A list of safety measures being taken by the theater available upon request.