Monday, November 14th (Philadelphia)
Sunday, November 20th and Monday, November 21st (Candlelight)

The Candlelight Theatre in Wilmington, Delaware will present Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot March 18 to April 23 and Crazy for You May 13 through June 25. Camelot will be directed by Bob Kelly. Crazy for You will be directed and choreographed by Dann Dunn.


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14th 6:30-10:30pm

The Rock School
1101 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Studio B (5th Floor)

Sign in 6:00 pm. no appointments necessary.


Sunday: November 20 6:30-10:30pm
Monday: November 21 6:30-10:30pm

Sign in 6:00 pm

The Candlelight Theatre
2208 Millers Rd.
Wilmington, DE  19810

There will be a possible callback on Tuesday November 22

CAMELOT – Director: Bob Kelly
CRAZY FOR YOU – Director/Choreographer: Dann Dunn

Note: Please prepare 16-32 bars in the style of the show. For CRAZY FOR YOU – Be prepared to dance and bring jazz shoes, as well as tap shoes.  Ladies, please be dressed in form-fitting clothing appropriate for a dance audition. Please do not call the theatre.


KING ARTHUR (low A to high E). Son of Uther Pendragon and, as a young lad, squire to his brother Sir Kay. After pulling Excalibur out of an anvil set in a stone, Arthur becomes “King of all England” and ruler of Camelot. He is wise, generous, compassionate and boyish. Unsure of himself yet an inspiration to others.

QUEEN GUENEVERE (low B flat to high A).  Queen of Camelot.  A young, spirited woman caught up in chivalry and the exciting possibilities of a promising life. She is devoted to Arthur and supports his causes. She is very much thrown by the arrival of Lancelot – the start of the famous “love triangle.”

LANCELOT (low A to high B).  An abundantly self-assured knight from France and a skilled warrior. He is drawn to the Round Table because of his admiration for Arthur. He becomes Arthur’s greatest knight as well as his staunchest defender. Extremely pious and not particularly well-liked by anyone but Arthur. His only weakness is his feelings for Guenevere.

MORDRED (low C to high D). A truly evil young man who was “sired” by Arthur when the king was young and naïve. He is a thoroughly and fascinatingly unlikable fellow. His mother is Queen Morgause, who bewitched Arthur when he was younger. Mordred has come to the Round Table to stir up trouble.

NIMUE (low C Sharp to high F sharp). A nymph intent on bewitching Merlyn, she lures Merlyn away with her hauntingly beautiful singing.

MERLYN. The famous wizard who teaches Arthur almost all he needs to know. He wants Arthur to be ambitious and pursue the dream of a chivalrous kingdom.

KING PELINORE. One of Arthur’s closest friends, stumbled upon Camelot one day while in search of a dragon and decided to stay in Arthur’s court and join the Knights of the Round Table.  Pelinore is very eccentric and dedicated to Arthur.

SIR DINADIN. A Knight of the Round Table devoted to Guenevere and who doesn’t care for Lancelot.

SIR LIONEL. A Knight of the Round Table.

SIR SAGRAMORE. A Knight of the Round Table.

MORGAN le FAY. A powerful female figure in the Arthur legends, she represents control, sorcery, and manipulation. She is the half-sister of Arthur and aunt of Mordred. She uses sorcery to thwart Arthur and his allies, and to direct his enemies.

TOM of WARWICK. A small young boy who wants to join King Arthur’s army.

Lords, Ladies, and citizens of Camelot.

One male soloist – low B to high B.


BOBBY CHILD – Traditional Musical Theatre Song and Dance Man, baritone, aged 25 – 35. Bobby is a New Yorker in love with musical theatre but is forced to work in a bank by his controlling mother. When he goes to Deadrock to escape Irene, he meets Polly, falls instantly in love with her and decides to put on a show to pay off the mortgage on her father’s theatre. Strong singer, actor, dancer, must tap.

POLLY BAKER – Leading Lady, mezzo, aged 20 – 30. Polly is the only female living in Deadrock where she is the postmistress and “all American girl”. Strong singer, actor, dancer, must tap.

BELA ZANGLER – Baritone, aged 35 – 55 with a Hungarian accent. Zangler is an established New York musical producer and theatre owner. He follows Tess, his dance director, to Deadrock despite being already married. Character Actor who sings. Must move.

LOTTIE CHILD – Character Actress, aged 45 – 60. Lottie is Bobby’s business-oriented and controlling mother who gives him an allowance. She wants him to forego his ideas of being in musical theatre and make a career in the bank. She is a very bossy and overbearing woman.

IRENE ROTH – Mezzo, aged 25 – 33. Bobby’s domineering fiancée engaged to him for 5 years. Strong singer and dancer.

LANK HAWKINS – Age 30 – 45, owner of the Deadrock Saloon. Lank wants to buy the Deadrock theatre from Polly’s father. He wants Polly to marry him until Irene throws herself in his direction.

TESS – Follies dance director age 22 – 32 who is pursued by Zangler even though he is married. Must sing and dance well. Showgirl. Must tap.

PATSY – Follies girl age 18 – 32, the epitome of the ditzy blonde chorus girl stereotype. Showgirl. Must sing and dance well. Must tap.

EVERETT BAKER – Polly’s father, age 48 – 60.

EUGENE FODOR – Male baritone, Character Actor, age 30 – 55, an English tourist who with his sister is writing a guide book to the American West. Must move.

PATRICIA FODOR – Eugene’s English sister, cameo role soprano, aged 32 – 50 and fellow tourist. Must move.

MOOSE, MINGO, SAM – Age 18 – 35. Cowboy Trio, Featured Male Ensemble. Must sing and dance. Must tap.

CUSTUS, WYATT, JUNIOR – Age 18 – 35. Male Ensemble. Must sing and dance. Tapping a plus.

FOLLIES GIRLS – 6 singing and dancing Follies Showgirls. Must sing and dance. Must tap.  Looking for Vegas/Rockette-style showgirls both in physique and ability.